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Morocco Entry via Algeciras

Getting into Morocco with a vehicle, 2017

Info from Mark & Christine Carr

The easiest hassle-free way from Spain to Morocco is the Algeciras to Tangier Med route.
There are myriad Ticket Agents for the Ferries even at motorway service areas.
All the shipping companies have ticketing offices in the Terminal at Algerciras Port .
We can highly recommend using a Travel Agent in Algerciras called:
'Viajes Normandie', C/Fragata, Local 3, Pol. Ind. Palomones I 11379 Los Barrios, Algerciras.
GPS N. 36°. 10'. 46''  W 005°. 26'. 28''.
Salida 112 off the Algerciras to Malaga motorway, close to Carrefour and Lidl.
This is run by Juan Carlos Gutierrez who is very competitive on fares and also extremely helpful. Take the V5 (log book) for your vehicle and Carlos or his girls will also complete your 'TVIP' or D16 online for you. Upon leaving his office you will be presented with a bottle of wine and a chocolate cake. If you are in a Camper they will also direct you where to securely sleep the night near their office.
Algeciras to Tangier Med is a new port 40 km east of Tangier. Immigration for passengers is usually handled on the ferry by the resident Policeman. Remember to have your Passport with you and not in your vehicle. Simply fill in the immigration forms, which are provided, hand them in at the Police desk on board together with your Passport. If you have not been to Morocco before you will be allocated a 'CIN', 'Police ID' number which will be stamped in your Passport.
When travelling with a vehicle you will need the V5 (log book) for the vehicle to present to Customs and Immigration when arriving in Morocco. You will also need to complete a Temporary Vehicle Importation Document. It is easier and quicker to complete the: 'TVIP' or 'D16' on the Moroccan Customs web site.
Fill in the details of your vehicle and print out the three copies.

On arrival at Tangier Med you will be directed to the holding area where you can present the : 'TVIP' or 'D16' along with your log book (V5).One copy of the D16 will be retained by the Customs and two will be returned to you. Take good care of them as they will be needed when you depart Morocco. And that's it, you are there.
Once clear of the formalities there is a very good new Passenger Terminal with café and free WiFi. For foot passengers there is a shuttle bus to Tangier or Grand Taxis from the Terminal.
If you are driving, there is a Motorway in the direction of Tangier or a scenic route to Findeq and then motorway to Tetouan. Be aware that the first fuel station is around ten miles or more from the port.
Motor Insurance for UK drivers is not easy to obtain as most companies will not issue a 'Green Card' for Morocco. Have a chat with your Broker.
Moroccan insurance companies reputedly can supply 'Border Insurance' but in the past we have been unsuccessful in obtaining it. If you can get it, be aware that it only covers Third Party Claims.