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Links to Tony's two books available directly from Vertebrate Publishing:
Troll Wall and Quest into the Unknown

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that we have contributed to in UK unless otherwise stated: - on-line (Jordan)
Adventure Life (Egypt) - on-line (Italy)
Al Reem - RSCN Journal (Jordan)
American Alpine Journal (USA)
AT - Adventure Travel BMC International (on-line)
BMI Voyager (In-flight mag)
Climber and Rambler
Eco-Adventure Sports (on-line)
High Mountain Sports
I Mag (Jordan)
In Focus
Tourism Concern
JO Mag (Jordan)
Jazeera Airways (In-flight mag)
Jordaniana - Anglo Jordan Society

Mountain Forum Library (on-line
Mountain Heritage Library (on-line)  Odyssey
Outdoor Focus - Outdoor Writers’ Guild
Oldham Chronicle
On The Edge
Out There (Australia)
Royal Jordanian Airlines (In-flight mag)
Summit (USA
The Alpine Journal
TGO -The Great Outdoors
The Climber
Trek & Mountain
Times Weekend
TTG (M. East & N. Africa
UKC (UK Climbing) (on-line)
UKH (UK Hiking) (on-line)
Vesterålen Bladet (Lofoten, Norway
Wilderness World Voyager (Russia)
World Trails (ATTA) (USA/on-line)



cover.small.jpegTony's autobiography, Quest into the Unknown was published April 2019. Available from your bookshop, or Amazon.  

Oct 2019. 'Quest' has been Highly Recommended by the Outdoor Book Awards, OWPG. It's also getting good reviews, on Amazon and Footless Crow, see:

Our Books and Guide Books and an interview with Tony for Engaging Cultures, also a video by Vertebrate Publishing that might be of interest. And a podcast by Tony for Coldhouse prior to publication of his autobiography, Quest into the Unknown. Also on this BMC page

1965 Rock Climbs in the Peak - Chew Valley, BMC publications. (Main author) 
1966 Selected Climbs in Romsdal, Norway
1970 Rock Climbs in the Peak - Northern Limestone (Contributor) 
1970 Walks & Climbs in Romsdal, Norway, Cicerone Press
1971 Rock Climbs in the Peak - Bleaklow Area (Contributor) 
1987 Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Cicerone Press
1987 Rock Climbing in Oman. (Contributor) 
1987 Lonely Planet, Jordan and Syria. (Contributor - trekking)
1987 The Complete Climber, Lorenz Books (contributor) 
1992 Walks and Scrambles in Wadi Rum, Jordan. 2nd ed, 1999
1994 & 1997, Revised 2nd & 3rd editions Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Cicerone Press 
1998 Rough guide to Jordan (Contributor, trekking & climbing sections, and photos) 
1998 Walks & Climbs in Romsdal, Norway, 4th ed, Cordee
2000 A Chance in a Million? Scottish Avalanches (Contributor)
2000 Jordan - Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs & Canyons Cicerone Press
2001 Walks in Palestine - with The Nativity Trail. Cicerone Press
2001 Rough guide to Egypt (Contributor, trekking & climbing sections, and photos).
2001 Rough Guide to India (Contributor, photographs and info on north east India) 
2001 DK Eye Witness and Travel Guides, Holy Land (Contributor, Wadi Rum) 
2002 Walking in Jordan. Published in USA
2003 Intro by Tony Howard to reprint of W.C. Slingsby's Norway - The Northern Playground. Rockbuy
2005 Classic Norway. Climbs, Scrambles & Walks in Romsdal, Cordee 
2006 Walks & Scrambles in Norway (with Romsdal routes by Tony Howard). Rockbuy
2007 & 2010, Revised intro, 4th & 5th editions,Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Cicerone Press 
2008 fully revised 2nd edition Jordan - Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs & Canyons Cicerone Press
2011 Troll Wall See review by Jim Perrin on right. Also see Alpine Club Review, 2012. The story of the British first ascent of Europe's tallest rock face, Vertebrate Publishing, given a 'Special Award for Norwegian Mountain Literature' at the Romsdal Fjellfestival, July 2011, one of only two books to receive this accolade in the last 5 years. The Italian translation by Versante Sud, the publishers in Italy, won the ITAS 2013 Mountain Book Award in Trento and the 2014 Leggimontagna Literary Award in Tolmezzo. Troll Wall is distributed in the UK by Cordee and is also available as an e-book from Amazon.
2012 Walks, Treks, Climbs & Caves, Al Ayoun, North Jordan, Vertebrate Publishing and the National Press, Jordan. From Cordee, UK.
2012 Adventures in the Northlands -  in top 100 mountain books Kindle list: canoeing, climbing, trawling, trekking and other stories from Arctic Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Out on Kindle from Vertebrate, and available for Tablet – this is the book link for Amazon who do an application called "Kindle for Android" that can be downloaded from the Internet. Apple users, can go to iTunes store. It should also be there for iPad. It should work on other devices too from other stores.
Since writing this book, I was given some info about the famous Yukon poet, Robert Service, travelling the same 1898 Klndike goldrush route that we did. This 1000 mile canoe trip that Tony did in 1971 is described in this e-book under the title The Trail of '98. This Addendum is available here as Canoe trip_Addendum.pdf
2012 Over the Moors (rock climbs in the northern Peak District), BMC Publications. (Contributor)
2013 Troll Wall, The Italian publication by Versane Sud, title 'La Montagna dei Folletti' (The Mountain of the Trolls) won the ITAS Mountain Book Award at the Trento Mountain Film Festival, Italy
2012/13/14 New sea cliff discovered by us in Shetland and a few new routes climbed. On-line photos and details in Climb Shetland
2014 Troll Wall, Italian translation won 2nd prize 'Leggimontagna' Literary Award -  Mountain Festival, Tolmezzo, Italy
2015 A chapter by Tony entitled 'Memories of a Hospital Mess Boy' in Shetland’s Whaling Traditions, subtitle 'From Willafjord to Enderby Land'.
2015 Foreword by Tony to Vertebrate Publication's reprint of H W Tilmans' China To Chitral
2018 Celebrating 50 years of Adventure Cicerone Press 
Honoured to have a chapter in the book and to have been a small part in Cicerone Press celebration of 50 years of guidebook history from my Romsdal Guidebook in 1970 to our Jordanian and Palestinian guidebooks from 1987 to the 2000s
2019 Quest into the Unknown. Tony's autobiography. Highly recommended by OWPG. Also see review at top of this section and/or click on the link in the right column.
2019 Surviving in the Mountains. Vertebrate Publishing. Honoured to have a chapter in the book.


A word from us: when writing our guides – particularly when describing the Bedouin routes in Wadi Rum - we have always tried to give enough information to identify the routes whilst still leaving the reader room to exercise his or her own judgement when following them, since we feel that the joy of discovery is part of the essence of these routes, a philosophy which we are pleased to note is stated in the Biella Principles,, in particular, para 2.5, “We must also question whether the proliferation of technical descriptions and guidebooks represents a potential threat to wilderness values, by considerably reducing the possibility of personal discovery and the incomparable satisfaction derived thereby.”

"Tony Howard's and Di Taylor's guidebooks for Jordan - both the general one for scrambling, canyoning, trekking and the climbing one for Rum - are excellent. Describing routes up, through, over and round the maze of domes and siqs that make the Jordanian mountains so attractive is no simple task - I've tried! Tony's climbing descriptions may look hard to follow, but once you use them on the hill, you'll realise that they are miniature masterpieces. Not only do they capture the poetry of the landscape and of the Bedouin climbing imagination, but they also tune your eye to make your own explorations."
Andrew Moore, Oxford

Review of Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, 2007
A thorough and excellent guide covering a large number of routes from very technical ones to more mountainous Bedouin routes. Drawn topos/maps are clear though not overly detailed like many of the modern guides which would definitely take away a lot of the atmosphere from the area.
Paul Winder, in UK Climbing