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The following are some of the local people working as guides in Wadi Rum. They are mostly from the Zalabia faction of the Huweitat Bedouin and live in Rum village in the heart of their tribal territory. It is their historic tribal land and they are consequently the people who know the area best.Wadi Rum should not be confused with nearby Disi. If visiting Rum, use a Rum guide.

We are happy to point out that the first people to welcome us to Rum on behalf of the Zalabia Bedouin were the family of Sheikh Atieeq. His sons Eid, Defallah, Mazied and Sabbah have all assisted with our explorations since our first visit in 1984. Defallah was also responsible for the discovery of Jebel um Adaami as Jordan's highest mountain, but sadly died in 2011, see obituary. His brothers and sons continue to work as guides.
Finally we apologise to Zedan who is always last on our alphabetical list!

Wadi Rum trekking and safari companies, guides and tourist camp operators (those who are also climbing and mountain guides are prefixed with an asterisk).

*Ali Eid of Wild Wadi Rum,  The son of Eid Atieq (see below)
Ali Hamd, mob: 07 7694 3692
Anne & Mattar Auda, Teva Milky Way Camp and Tours mob: 07 7204 215
*Atieq Ali, Bedouin Roads mob: 07 9589 9723
*Atieq Auda, Rum Guides mob: 07 9583 4736
Auda Abdullah mob: 07 9561 7902
Bait Ali mob: 07 9554 8133
Eid Atieq mob: 07 7730 9249
Eid Mohamed Swelhen mob: 07 9562 4671
Mohammad Defallah mob: 07 7730 9239
Mazied Atieq mob: 07 7730 4501
Mehedi Saleh Al-Hewaitaat, Bedouin Directions Mob: 07 7688 6481
*Mohammad Hammad Bedouin Guides  mob: 07 7735 9856
Mohammed Sabah mob: 07 9989 2446
*M'Salim Sabbah, *Sabbah Atieq & Suleiman Sabbah, Bedouin of Rum mob: 07 9566 0362
*Sabbah Eid mob: 07 7789 1243
Saoud Auda mob: 00962 77492523
Saleem Ali, Jordan Tracks mob: 07 9529 8046
Salem Eid mob: 07 7728 5159
Salem and *Suliman Motlaq Wadi Rum mob: 07 7742 4837
*Shabab Sahra - The Desert Boys:
*Talal Awad mob: 07 9578 9689
Wadi Rum Nomads Phone: +962 795467190 Email:
Wadi Rum Rest House tel: 03 2018 867
Yasser Mohammed mob: 07 7766 7052
Zedan Zalabia mob: 07 9550 6417

Sponsored by H. M. Queen Noor, three Bedouin Guides attended training courses for climbing rope safety in the UK as guests of n.o.m.a.d.s. (Tony Howard & Di Taylor) the British Mountaineering Council and the Plas-y-Brenin National Outdoor Centre. They are:
Atieq Auda Bedouin Guides mob: 07 9583 4736
Sabbah Atieq Bedouin of Rum mob: 07 9566 0362
Sabbah Eid mob: 07 7789 1243

Many of the above arrange camel treks, but one guide is a camel specialist:
Salem Eid tel: 00962 32016238 mob: 00962 777 285 159
Working with Wilf Colonna, Atallah Sweilhin specialises in horses but also does camel trekking: tel 00962 32033508 mob: 00962 77428449

Saleem Ali, Jordan Tracks mob: 07 9529 8046
Working with Wilf Colonna, Atallah Sweilhin specialises in horses but also does camel trekking: tel 00962 32033508 mob: 00962 77428449
Wilf Colonna is a French Mountain Guide who we invited to Rum in 1985. He was the first person to organise horse treks in Rum and still does so. Wilf also sometimes works with Susan Shinaco who has stables at the Bait Ali camp near Shakriyah, just before the reaching the Rum - Disi junction and Visitor Centre.

Any Bedouin Guides from Wadi Rum who have been inadvertently missed from this list or whose contact details are wrong are asked to contact us with information.

Adventure Tour Operators based in Amman
Some specialist adventure tour operators based in and around Amman organise trekking, climbing and safari trips in Rum in cooperation with Rum Guides, those we know personally are:
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Prices It's worth pointing out that prices in Jordan are increasing rapidly as elsewhere in the world, and not all websites are kept up to date. To save confusion later, make a clear deal to avoid annoyances afterwards.