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Jordan - Jebel Mas'uda, south of Petra

The 2nd edition of our Jordan book came out in summer 2008. Info on a number of new climbs and treks was received just after the publisher's deadline, plus we added more on our subsequent annual visits, and some GPS points. We include some here (trekking info is minimal, due to space limitations). Any info received in the future that is relevant to this book will be posted on these 'Jordan-update' pages for the benefit of our readers.

Jebel Mas’uda is located just south of Petra, immediately south of Wadi Tibn (R110 in our Jordan Treks guide, see publications). We visited the area in spring 2008 with an RSCN team, repeating our Wadi Tibn route and continuing to the road in the bottom, which goes from from Rajif to Araba. We also did a route through the equally amazing Wadi Khorma.

Some GPS points and route info:

From Taybeh to Wadi Tibn, Bahra spring and bottom road
Location and GPS reading
Enter Tibn siq 1027m N30 15.090 E35 26.600
Tibn inscriptions 850m N30 14.809 E35 25.770
end of Tibn siq 800m N30 15.169 E35 24.773
jnctn of 2 wadies 825m N30 14.822 E35 24.422
pass to siq 810m N30 14.495 E35 24.088
head of siq 760m N30 14.193 E35 23.911
Bahra spring (Ain Saadeh) 780m N30 12.794 E35 23.234
Road, W Saadeh 564m N30 12.383 E35 21.906

From Rajif via Wadi Khorma to bottom road
Leave road S of Rajif 1575m N30 10.630 E35 25.653
reach plateau & domes 986m N30 11.332 E35 24.386
Khorma canyon top 980m N30 11.452 E35 23.937
Canyon bed (W of descent) 890m N30 11.492 E35 23.831
dune cirque 881m N30 11.358 E35 23.415
above Ain Mashit 793m N30 11.208 E35 23.008
Ain Masheid (Khorma) 643m N30 12.093 E35 22.854
Road, W Saadeh (as above) 557m N30 12.364 E35 21.841

Wadi Khorma
A varied and amazing day incorporating white sandstone domes, a stunning constructed Bedouin route down vertical cliffs into the canyon of Khorma, then sand dunes followed by a rock terrace above a ravine leading out to orchards and finally via Wadi Saadeh to the Rajif–Araba road.
Moderate trek and scramble some intricate route finding but generally cairned where necessary.
Guide recommended We were with Mohammed Sa’idiyin (mob: 0777857658) and members of RSCN.
Approach The nicest start is probably as for our route to Wadi Bahra (R113 in the Jordan Treks book), driving down the 4WD track from Rajif, then instead of going N, head S and follow the start of Itai Haviv’s route 53 then the latter part of his route 52, day 2, to reach the white-domed plateau above Wadi Khorma (approx 3km).
Alternatively, we started from the road directly above this plateau, saving distance but probably not much time on the long, zig-zagging descent of the stony hillside. To access this start from Rajif, head S along the road for 3km to just beyond Prince Hassan’s hilltop house, hidden in trees on the right of the road and on the edge of the escarpment. Good viewpoint down to the domes of Jebel Barza and Jebel Khorma and the deep canyons around them. For GPS points, see above.
Wildlife Whilst on the Tibn trek, we saw a Painted-Sawscale viper hiding in oleander roots, as well as hyena droppings, wolf spoor and numerous birds including swallows rock martins and kestrels.