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Jordan Dead Sea areas

The 2nd edition of our Jordan book was published in summer 2008 (see Publications). Info on a number of new climbs, canyons and treks was received just after the publisher's deadline, plus we added more on our subsequent annual spring visits. We include some here (trekking info is minimal, due to space limitations). Any info received in the future that is relevant to this book will be posted on these 'Jordan-update' pages for the benefit of our readers. Route numbers refer to 2nd edition, Jordan Walks, Treks, caves, Climbs & Canyons.

New info on Canyons and climbs in the Dead Sea Hills

There was a lot of rain and flash floods in winter 2012/13. Many of the canyons were altered and some bolts may be missing or unsafe. Hakim (Tropical Deserts - see Jordan links) and others will be checking as and when they get chance, but as always in canyons take care.

RSCN Dead Sea Canyons (access points from Dead Sea Highway)
Wadi abu Khusheiba GPS -380m N31 34.657 E35 33.334
Wadi ‘Attun GPS -395m N31 33.130 E35 33.320
Wadi Daba’ GPS - 380m N31 32.688 E35 33.415
All in the RSCN Mujib Reserve, nevertheless, beware of litter at starts.

R39 Upper Hidan - Wadi Wala
Many years ago we received a number of concerned emails about access to this valley, this was typical, "Just over 1hour's drive from Amman, so a day trip. The car parking place as described in the guide is now just below an RSCN sign saying 'reserve & entry forbidden'. The ranger met us at the car & confirmed it's forbidden but relented when we explained we respected the environment. We all support the RSCN's efforts to preserve the wilderness but surely there must be a way to do this and allow people to enjoy and appreciate it responsibly. After all it will serve conservation in Jordan if people know and appreciate the wilderness - very frustrating.
2014. The situation seems to have improved in recent years.
2017 R40 The Lower Hidan Gorge We have known for a while that there is an alternative route to the big entry abseil, but Molly Nixon told us they entered the Gorge by it with local Bedouin guide Mohammad al Zayadeen (contact via Jordan Trail Association, The way in is down a steep gully just beyond the big abseil and pool, and on the left (S) side. At the time of writing there is a knotted rope in place, but it may not always be there. Take care!

R53 & 54 Wadi ibn Hammad will be preserved under the Integrated Ecosystem Management-Jordan Rift Valley Project, to preserve the area’s unique biodiversity and balance conservation needs with increased tourism. Implemented by the RSCN, the six-year project sets guidelines for land use to ensure the sustainability of financial resources supporting current and future environment-related projects and programmes.

New climbs in Wadi Weida’a, Kerak area
These excellent limestone slabs are easily reached and provide a number of enjoyable climbs mostly developed by Wilf Colonna. Also see Climbing Jordan and Tropical Deserts. for climbing topos.

Left sector
About 300m L of Wilf Colonna’s climb, ‘Les Pirates’, the cliff gains in height again and drops closer to the road. An obvious shallow R facing corner rises up the centre of the cliff. High on its L is a small cave and above it, a much larger one.
Approach From the large parking are below Wilf’s climb and on the opposite side of the road. Cross the road and rise gently left along goat tracks to reach the base of the yellow cliff at below sea level in about 5mins. Start below the shallow corner.
Yellow Submarine 50m (or more) 4b/c (?)
1. 40m Trend right and left to the corner and up it for 3m then trend left past a peg to cross a crack line and reach the first cave.
2. 10, 20 or 50m Climb up directly right of the cave to a terrace below a huge cave, 10m. (This would make a good abseil ledge for this and any other routes on this wall, but probably needs a drill.) We carried on first left then right up an easy slab to pass left of the big cave to another terrace (20m from belay). It would be possible to continue but the climb loses its continuity; we traversed easily left to walk down a ramp to its base, then 10m left again to abseil about 15m to the top of scree cone.
If an abseil is fixed at 50m it would be a nice one star climb on perfect rock with quick and easy descent.
Equipment Cams from 1/2 to 31/2, (size 3 or 31/2 cam for cave belay) and 2 or 3 small to medium wires plus a few quick draws and some slings.
Tony Howard & Di Taylor 29 March 08.

Also see Climbs near Karak

GPS points on way to top of Wadi Assal & cliff near Ayy
Ayy village GPS 914m N 31 08.312 35 38.661
Top of cliff GPS 898m N31 08.767 35 38.173
Track to Wadi Assal from crag GPS 901m 31 08.419 35 38.678

GPS points on way to top of R57 Wadi Numeira
Taybeh road jnctn (W to El Iraq & W Numeira) GPS 1178m 31 06.244 35 38.839
Turning to El Bahr, W Beida at S end of village, poss saving 1km if otherwise walking to Wadi Numeira from El Iraq as in guide. GPS 886m 31 04.236 35 38.489

To Wadi Numeira (R57) from Dead Sea
Dead Sea parking for W Numeira, approx 13km from Karak/Dead Sea road jnctn
GPS -345m N31° 08.191´ E35° 31,656´ walk up siq to reach inner valley, 11/2hr max inc 3m climb (sling or short rope may be useful). 1hr return. Beware floods!

Wadi Hasa, Tor Taboun - Excellent new limestone cliff discovered, see Jordan Trail page.