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This book, published in April 2005 by Cordee, updates the earlier Walks and Climbs in Romsdal and now describes over 300 walks, scrambles and climbs, both summer and winter, including the famous Romsdalshorn and Troll Wall. The original book was written in 1970, amended in 1979 and 1997 prior to this latest edition.The book has additional walks and includes notes on where to find details on the best of the more recent climbs, bouldering areas and winter climbs. There are also numerous excellent colour photos by local Romsdal climbers.

Tony first visited Romsdal whilst hitch-hiking home from climbing in Lofoten in 1962. He returned to climb the Troll Wall in 1965 and worked there as a Guide from 1967 to 1969 adding numerous new routes. He returned again in the 1970's and 90's and in 2003 as Guest Speaker at the Romsdal Fjell Festival, renewing old acquaintances both on and off the rock and collecting notes for this book. He continues to visit Romsdal and Norway.

Extract from the Foreword by Joe Brown
...Visiting climbers quickly get to know one another and the local inhabitants, who are the most friendly and hospitable people I have ever met. It is inevitable that year by year more and more people will go to Norway in preference to the Western Alps. I hope that they will feel that the present happy relationship between climbers and residents is worth preserving at all costs, and behave accordingly.

For pure rock climbing, Norway has no equal. Many of the climbs start at two or three hundred feet above sea level and finish at a height of over five thousand feet. The descents from the summits rarely take more than one or two hours. Yet in spite of these advantages, climbing in Norway is still in its infancy, with large areas relatively unexplored, and the scope for new climbs seems limitless.

Most of the early development in Romsdal was the work of Arne Randers Heen and other Norwegian climbers, and the great classic route is the Trollryggen East Pillar, but it was the first ascent of the Trolltind Wall in 1965, one of the highest vertical rock walls in Europe, that really drew the attention of leading British and Continental climbers to this climbing Mecca. This first ascent, by Tony Howard and his companions, must rank as one of the greatest ever achievements by British rock climbers.

It is due to Tony's continuing enthusiasm and hard work that we can all now benefit from this comprehensive guide.
Joe Brown Llanberis, 1970


"I think your new guidebook looks great, and that it absolutely covers important areas and gives information not included in the Norwegian books. I hope that it will continue to sell well."
Fred Husøy, Åndalsnes, Romsdal. May 2005

"The three earlier editions of this book have been the ‘Bible’ for climbing in Romsdal for 35 years. This fourth edition not only has new information on access, climbs and walks but also new photos to add additional interest. Tony also reminds us that Romsdal’s mountains are still unspoiled by the multitudes, and that for wilderness lovers, it’s destination Romsdal!"
Extract of Review by Iver Gjelstenli in Romsdals Budstikke

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